Joel peissig

Executive Creative Director / Director

As a creative director/director,
I have originated and developed
numerous award winning
campaigns & commercials
 for brands worldwide.

ECD / Creative / Branding Work



The fastest growing digital first agency that is Hollywood's little secret. Building "Agency 2.0" at Operam has been very exciting, part of the journey has been to define how a data first creative agency speaks about itself. This film is our first expression of that. The creative team and I developed this film as one of our first collaborative projects




For Ignited, I was asked help turn around an agency that was going through a hard shake up. I was brought in as the Executive Creative Director, and in a single years time, the Ignited team and I won three accounts,and raised the level of creativity, and the quality of production on everything from catalogs to social content, from logos to websites, and from digital transformations to trans-media campaigns. I'm very proud of the work, and the collaborative team effort it took to create it. Here are just some of the stories, from those successes. 


Past clients




Titanium Cannes Lion

Cannes Finalist

AICP Cinematography

Clio Bronze Cinematography

Clio Bronze Visual Effects

New York Festival Gold Metal Winner

Honored at Antenna Film Festival
National Film Theater London

Siggraph Visual Effects Showcase

New York Museum of Art Permanent Collection

New York Festival Gold Metal

Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase

Film Producers of Europe Best Young Directors

Showcase Audience Choice Best Video,
Resfest International Film Festival

New York Festivals Gold Metal Winner

New York Festivals Silver Metal Winner

New York Festivals Bronze Metal Winner

New York Festivals Bronze Metal Winner

Promax Silver for Directing

Promax Gold for Campaign

Promax Bronze for Campaign


My Photography

I've been around this beautiful world numerous times and had the pleasure of creating with many different types of heroes, outlaws, and wizards. Thankfully, once in a while, I had enough time to capture quiet moments with my personal camera.
"God is everywhere waiting for you to exhale and see her looking back at you."



With numerous years in the creative trenches, and corporate boardrooms, to directing on backlot's with Emmy winning actors and London flats with Grammy winning artists, to the deep jungles of India. I have created the very best out of each moment, experience, and resource. A collaborative creative process is what I live for. When that flow happens, it gives every project energy. Through it, I've seen the impossible unfold and dreams become reality.

Over the years, I've been fortunate to have worked with and lead an incredible group of creatives who have brought me an enormous amount of insight, brilliance, and laughter. 

Stepping out of the creative halls, and onto a film set as a director, was a decision forged in courage, vision, and excitement. Being a director has brought a vital awareness deep into my conceptual process, as my years of creative experience has deeply informed my directing. This allows me the ability to be as comfortable in strategic meetings with clients and leading dynamic creative pitches, to directing massive film shoots, clear around the world. 

Now more than ever we need stories, we are educated, changed, and guided by them. Ultimately, stories have the power lead us to a better understanding. My passion is collaborating with the creatively courageous, to originate and produce stories that stand above the rest.






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